Instant Island in Pakistan


Today’s Daily Cool Photo is an aerial photo of an island about +/- 21 metres high which emerged off the coast of Pakistan coast due to seismic activity. The surface is covered in dead fish and is a mixture of mud, sand and rock. It is solid enough for people to walk on. In the photo boats can also be seen surrounding the island. Islands like these are formed by mud volcanoes and tend to be unstable – they often wash away within months after forming. This one has reportedly been releasing methane gas – people have been able to light on fire with a match.

Now this is something that you don’t see every day. It’s a solid and grim reminder than nature has the upper hand on planet Earth, not the human race. This photo was published by the US National Institute of Oceanography and NASA in late September / early October 2013.  This is not a new phenomenon though, it’s called “land uplift” and has been occurring in Finland and Sweden for thousands of years.  Thanks to these instant islands, Finland is growing in size by about the area of 200 football fields a year – most of it marshy lowland though.  Check out the photo of the island off the coast of Pakistan below.

Instant-Island-in-Pakistan Instant Island in Pakistan

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