Introducing Daniel Baron

Daniel BaronJohannesburg’s own born and bread, Daniel Baron released his debut album “It’s Time” at La Toscana, Montecasino this past Saturday.

Daniel Baron was born in Johannesburg and has been singing from a young age. He taught himself to play the drums, bass and piano. His ear for music and wide spectrum of music genre’s that influenced him while growing up has helped him become a skilled singer/songwriter.

His musical style is a mix of pop and rock, with music from the likes of U2, Def Leppard and Journey, Michael Jackson, Prince and the Bee Gees influencing him as a child and most likely his music style found on his CD today.

Daniel wrote all 12 of the songs on his album, It’s Time. The album was mixed and produced by producer Brendan Campbell and can be found in all good music stores, as well as on iTunes, Amazon and Rhythm Music Store.

You can follow Daniel Baron on Twitter or see what he’s up to on Facebook. Or check out his Website for more info.

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