Introducing Flexicell

Based in Cape Town, Flexicell is part of the Longain Group and is effectively a call center and marketer of mobile airtime and services. The idea behind Flexicell is to make telecommunications affordable and accessible throughout the African continent.

Flexicell has several hundred thousand customers in South Africa alone, it’s management team, top call centers and aggressive marketing has put it in a position to achieve its goal of delivering excellent mobile services.

The main concept that Flexicell offers is known as MiAirtime Wallet, which allows you to buy airtime quicker and easier. The MiAirtime Wallet allows you allocate a monthly budget for airtime, but you get to choose the amount, meaning you’re not locked into an amount that you might not be able to afford otherwise.

If you’re interested in Flexicell, please feel free to visit their website –

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Henno Kruger
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  • masopa mokemane

    reference;341903 i would like to know is active you still deduct from my acount

    • @Masopa Unfortunately I’m not an employee of Flexicell, please contact them for assistance

  • Mark

    I’ve been using Flexicell for a number of years now and find their mobile contract services incredibly good; their out the box contracts make for easy topping up. Despite the other cellular networks now offering different recharge vouchers I will continue to stick with Flexicell.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, we appreciate all feedback especially when it’s positive.