Introducing KONGOS

To some of you this isn’t as much an introduction to KONGOS as it is a welcome back greeting. So here we go, welcome back to the SA spotlight KONGOS!


The name KONGOS isn’t news for avid @TuksFM1072 junkies. They reached Nr. 9 on the infamous TuksFM top 40 a few years back with their single ‘In The Music’. Today they’re back on the SA circuit with their hit single “I’m only Joking’ blasting from radios countrywide tuned into @5FM. Make no mistake, this song is most certainly going to make it on the charts in no time, if not I’ll eat my hat. Scrap that, I’ll eat a 20 year old used baseball hat lying in gutter somewhere in a ditch near Hatfield Square. Check it out for yourself:

The group consists of four brothers; Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel Kongos. They come from a rather impressive musical family and grew up in South Africa and London. Their father, John Kongos, was a notable musician in South Africa the 70’s with hit singles like “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” and “Tokoloshe Man”.


KONGOS produces a refreshing, captivating rock-tribal like vibe that will leave you absolutely charmed out of your mind! Their sound is very charismatic and unique, and hopefully one day they’ll grace us with their presence. Even though this is not an SA based band, they currently reside in Phoenix Arizona, their roots are right here in our beloved South Africa. So let’s support them as we do every other inspiring SA rock band and root for their success.

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