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Introducing Miagii


A few weeks ago, Johannesburg based band Miagii released a brand new video for their 2nd single “Nothing At All” (taken from their debut EP entitled “You’re Freaking Out Right Now”).

The members of the band are Marc de la Querra (Fire Through The Window, Nemesis, Daventry, Anchors Up), Josh Roscoe (The Ts & Cs, Daventry), Hanro Havenga and Gerard “Chuck” Becker (I AM). Miagii are influenced by 90’s alternative rock, as well as bands such as Fidlar, Violent Soho and Modern Baseball.

They have found their niche by merging grunge, surf / punk and maintaining a catchy hook, pop sensibilities and loud ass guitars. The band tips the hat to original grunge icons, while adding in elements of today’s fuzz and surf scene, creating the sound of Miagii. To get an idea of their sound, check out the video for “Nothing at All” below and crank up the volume:

I recently had a chat to Josh Roscoe from Miagii about a few things. This is what he had to say:

Where does the name Miagii come from?

The name Miagii is inspired by nostalgia. We love 90’s culture, the music, the films, the fashion, etc. Although the real Mr Miyagi was an 80s icon, he signifies simpler times for all of us, hence the name.

How would you describe your music to someone who has not heard one of your songs?

At heart Miagii is a grunge inspired band that draws from newer genres such as surf and fuzz. We take from a lot of the punk elements of grunge and add our own hooks and attitude. Somewhere in the middle of all this you get our sound.

How would you describe the experience of making the “Nothing At All” music video?

We’re so stoked with how that video came out. We adopted a simple approach by working and improvising with whatever the day would bring us. We did an open cast call for skaters, which was rad because we had around 20 guys constantly skating throughout the day. The quad and motorbike scene was completely unplanned, so we had a lot of luck in terms of the right conditions coming together for us. Couple this with an amazing crew, and we had our product. Special thanks to Richard Oldfield and Bradley Grieve for shooting the video.

What are you currently working on and where can music fans catch your next gig?

We’re off to studio early December to begin work on our next releases which we’re planning to drop somewhere in the first quarter of 2017. For now, we feel we’ve played enough live shows for 2016, so we’re pretty focused on making sure the next release is as good as we can possibly make it. We do have some exciting shows that will coincide with the release though – more on that soon.

I’d like to thank Josh and Miagii for this interview and I wish the band all of the best with their future musical endeavours.

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