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NerdzSquared consists of 2 South Africans, Justin and Warren (born and bred Cape Townians), who are often referred to as crazy. They are very proud to live in a beautiful country with such a rich heritage.

Many people think it strange that 2 students make videos and post them online, but to us it’s their love for drama and brightening up everyone’s day that keeps them going.

They started the channel NerdzSquared on YouTube at the end of 2011 as they noticed that there were next to no South Africans on YouTube.

They came up with the name NerdzSquared as they wanted to make funny love and relationship videos. They have progressed into various genres since then though. A month ago NerdzSquared posted this video featuring a Rant about Things People do at Gym, check it out below.

Recently NerdzSquared starting making quirky videos about South Africa. They were recently talking to some Americans, and they had no clue that SA was a proper country with 1st class living standards. Many people thought that they lived in the wild, and that they have lions and cheetahs living in their back garden.

With this in mind they have started to expand their videos to educate people in a funny way as to what South Africa is really like. Their latest video entitled “South Africa: Expectation vs Reality” was made with this mind. The video shows the expected way in comparison to the reality of getting milk in our foreign and strange country. Check it out below.

One day Justin and Warren want to be known as the 2 South African YouTubers and have a loyal base of fans that enjoy watching their videos. If you watch their videos and have smiled at least once, then they know that they have done their job. They are proudly South African after all!

You can follow @NerdzSquared on Twitter or check out the NerdzSquared Facebook page for more information.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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