Jeanette Mostert


23 year old model Jeanette Mostert is today’s Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant. She’s a rock star of note from Gauteng. She rocks with her friends and she’s a star in her profession. She loves having fun and making people smile. She loves the sun and enjoys the sounds of the waves. Jeanette is also a hard worker and she’s well known for her personality and friendliness. She was the Runner up for Face of Zebra Lounge 2011, in the top 10 for Miss Legs SA October 2011 and in the Top 10 of the Face of Legends 2012 contest. Jeanette has a profile on FHM Modelbook, feel free to check it out. She was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng and moved to KwaZulu-Natal when she was 8 years old. When she was 18 she moved back to Gauteng and is currently enjoying the busy lifestyle on the West Rand.

Jeanette-Mostert-720x527 Jeanette Mostert

Yesterday Bernice Caldeira (from Johannesburg, South Africa) was the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant, feel free to check her out. Watch this space for daily updates in the Babes category and Photography category here. A new Daily Babe is uploaded every single day. Feel free to check out the Babes in the Featured Babes section as well. Also feel free to comment on or share anything that you find interesting here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.


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