Julius Malema sings Miley Cyrus – Corruption in the RSA


I discovered this earlier this week. Julius Malema (leader of the ANC Youth League) has been getting a ton of media attention in recent times. Julius Malema has made a lot of controversial statements and his lavish lifestyle and business practices has been questioned by the South Africa media and public. It’s been asked how a working class person (what he’s always claimed to be) affords a R250,000 wristwatch, a house worth over R1 million and another house worth more than R3 million.

Julius-Malema Julius Malema sings Miley Cyrus - Corruption in the RSA

This Julius Malema parody clip was added to the Tuks FM podcast and was played on the Bang Bang Breakfast show (hosted by Rob Forbes) on local station Tuks FM (based in the capital city Pretoria) on the 1st of March 2010. It’s one of the funniest clips I’ve heard this year. I’m not sure who the person is that created this, but he’s not done a bad job.

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  • meh

    sounds like a white man with a black accent

    • Running Wolf

      Meh: It does yes 😛

  • Evil Peanut

    Duh! What did you think? I’d rather keep quiet, I don’t want to express myself too badly… Loved the song, though…

  • Wiseman sipho Moagi

    Comrade Juju meet @ Weskoppies as a matter of exteam urgency. My mobile number is 0825880393