Justin Bieber Motivational


Justin Bieber is an up and coming Pop Artist. The first time I heard one of his songs on the radio I honestly thought that it was a girl singing. Like most pop music artists his music sucks. Just one more reason why I’m a fan of mostly Rock music. I can’t stand the fake hype surrounding this 13 year old who doesn’t have any pubes yet. It conjures up the same hatred I have for Twightards (over the top Twilight fans). I think Justin Bieber would be perfect for the leading role in the next retarded Twilight film (which I will not make any effort to watch). So, in conclusion Twilight sucks. Vampires don’t sparkle and Justin Bieber sucks. I realize that Justin Bieber has feelings too so I’ve included this motivational on my blog today (which was kindly pointed out to me by one of my Twitter friends).

justin_bieber Justin Bieber Motivational

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  • Feetjie

    I think vampires twinkle *sigh* LOL & ^5 @ Biebervational!

  • Canada has offered numerous apologies

  • My only comfort is that his voice is due to break…and then like Hanson, that’ll be the end of him…

  • Anonymous

    Oops! There’s a typo! It said her instead of him!

    • It’s because Justin Bieber acts like a girl. He even sounds like one.

      • McKenzie A

        He can’t help sounding like a girl.

    • McKenzie

      Its is a typo, they just wanna Make fun of him

  • I Hate Justin Bieber

    OMG I can totally relate to you. First of all I despise pop music instead I’d rather listen to some slow rock music, maybe Biffy Clyro, Radiohead or maybe even Muse (oh and I like some of the Killers music). Secound of all I hate Justin Bieber more than anything and yes it is a well known fact that she was born a girl. I remember once i was in H & M clothes shopping (boring) and she was on and I asked my mum if she thought it was a boy or a girl that was singing and guess what she said? YES. PS. please reply to my comment

    • I agree with your comment. I’ve heard numerous people say that they thought it was a girl singing “Baby Baby” the first time they heard it.

      • McKenzie

        Not talking about you

    • McKenzie

      NON FACT

  • JacktheReaper

    Is it wrong of me to think that Justin Bieber is a girl? I mean the first time I saw the music video of “One Time” I thought it was a girl singing… 😀

  • McKenzie A

    Would you people STOP making insulting pictures, comments,videos,etc about Justin Bieber, I posted this message on one of my accounts, “I have feelings, we all have feelings, so stop making fun of Justin Bieber, it hurts my feelings!” Yeah, If you make insulting stuff about him, STOP, It will make the world better, the internet safer to look for good Justin Bieber photos, and Justin Bieber will appreciate what you do! If you do this, Thank you! Bye!

  • kiki

    McKenzie we are making fun of him because we hate him, and we just all want to get together and make stuff stupid about him. And no offense, but more people hate more than like him, and some people in Great Britain don’t even know who he is! Thank you, and I am an awesome nerd who likes pie!

    • McKenzie

      I’m sorry then! I dont give a flying crap if u make fun of him! I was really annoyed when I saw this! Okay? I’ll come back when I hate him, and THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Oh and Im and im a eleven year old who thinks JB is Cute, Talented and Hotter than Hot