Karlen Klopper Interview


Karlen-Kloppers Karlen Klopper Interview  Karlen Louise Klopper was born in 1988 and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. She is currently a 2nd year BCom Marketing and Communication Management student at the University of Pretoria and one of the finalists for the Tuks Rag Queen 2011. She has been selected as the Featured Babe for today on the blog.

Running Wolf’s Rant had the privilege to interview Karlen Kloppers recently. This is what she had to say:

What do you do when you are not competing in Tuks Rag Queen competitions? I enjoy spending time in the gym and with friends and family. I met the most amazing people during the competition, my fellow debs are amazing girls. I’m also a bit adventurous and enjoy spending a day at Rhino-park with my 2 cousins on the back of moto-x bikes 🙂

What are you studying at the UP? Studying BCom Marketing. But I think I’ve changed courses! Studying BCom Rag now, hehe

Karlen-Kloppers-2-300x225 Karlen Klopper Interview  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I’ll be working on owning my own business. And most definitely be thinking about settling down with a man of God and starting a family.

Would you date a guy with a moustache? Would date a guy with a mustache!! Hehe ‘A manly man’

Which part time job would you love? I’d like to be a Tuks FM DJ.

Karlen Kloppers is hosting a fund-raiser / Charity event as part of her projects in running for Rag Queen tonight at FTV Parkview (In Pretoria East). 3 artists will be performing at the event: Valeska Muller, Christiaan Kritzinger and FTV Model Monique Foxx. There will also be a DJ (Afridans) so you can dance the night away. There is also a possibility of a 4th artist: Francois van Rensburg. Marlon Roelfze is the MC for the event and is sure to add a bit of ‘zest’ to the night. Entrance costs R40 per person. You are welcome to call her on 082 9231477 with any questions. All money raised will go towards Tuks Rag. Donations will be appreciated. There will also be a Tuks representative on the night to see that the money received will not fall into the wrong hands.

Karlen-Kloppers-3-300x225 Karlen Klopper Interview  For those of you who did not know: Tuks Rag is a student driven charity organization dedicated towards developing students through their active participation in fund-raising and community service initiatives. At present its the largest organization of its kind in South Africa, and the 3rd largest in the world. Tuks Rag has grown from strength to strength during the past 70 years, encouraging students to join in the fun of serving the community. The contagious Tuks Rag spirit has a reputation for turning fund-raisers and community outreach projects into worthwhile memories. Al proceeds collected by Tuks Rag are donated to numerous beneficiaries. Hence the word “Rag”, which is an acronym for “reach out and give”.

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