King Price Insurance “That’s Madness” Advert

King Price InsuranceKing Price Insurance is a South African Insurance company. Their car insurance premiums automatically decrease every month as your car depreciates. King Price Insurance is offering this first of it’s kind, ground-breaking insurance in South Africa.

King Price Insurance is one of the new kids on the block in South African insurance industry, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve gone unnoticed over the last year. Besides Car Insurance, they also offer Building Insurance, Home Contents Insurance and Portable Possessions Insurance. You can check out King Price Insurance on Facebook for more information about them.

To promote their magnificent Car Insurance deal, King Price Insurance released a brand new TV Advert today. The advert is entitled “That’s Madness” and is only 30 seconds long. A random bloke gives his explanation as to why their insurance premiums are so cheap. It’s lot of detail, so you may have to watch the advert twice to fully take in what he’s saying. He really talks at lightning speed. Check out the King Price Insurance advert below:

I think this is one of the craziest Insurance adverts that I’ve ever seen. What do you think of this King Price Insurance advert? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. I’d like to know if you could hear what the random bloke said in the advert the first time you watched it.

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