London Skyline at Night


In 2004 I visited London. At that time my brother was working in the UK. It was one of the most awesome experiences that I’ve had in my life. I only spent 11 days there, but I got see plenty of the city and make use of its world class public transport system. I was amazed by the fact that you did not need a car to get where you wanted to and by the punctuality of both the train and bus systems.

I was also amazed by the amount of people living in the city. Being a Pretoria native I am well acquainted with rush hour traffic and Gauteng traffic jams, but it’s a drop in the ocean if you compare it to London. More than 8 million people call this city home and more than 200 different languages are spoken within this city’s borders.

I would like to go back to London one day to explore the city more and get a taste of the city’s nightlife, people and sights that I haven’t been to. It truly is a stunning city. Just check out today’s Daily Cool Photo featuring the London Skyline at Night if you don’t believe me.


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