London Skyline


London is one of the biggest cities in Europe and the biggest city in the United Kingdom. St Paul’s Cathedral was completed in 1708 and is visible in this photo of the London skyline which has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo for the 2nd of April 2010 on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for daily updates.

  • Rod Hoffman

    Your photograph is really great. Would you kindly let me please use your photograph as a basis of a watercolour painting by me?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Rod: I did not take this photo, I actually found it on the internet 😛

      • Rod Hoffman

        Many thanks for info – do you happen to know where you found it ‘cos all strings come back to your web site.

        • Rod: I can’t remember and I’ve tried finding it again to no avail. This was more than a year ago.