Shell V-Power Nitro+ Festival in Johannesburg

The future is here! We might not have flying cars or hoverboards,but it’s definitely here when it comes to fuel technologyShell has launched their latest campaign to promote the ultimate fuel. Shell V-Power Nitro+  fuels come with a racing seal of approval and was inspired by the Shell Technical Partnership with Ferrari (the titans of Formula One racing).

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded became a reality as a result of 100 years of experience, the work of 120 scientists and 21,000 hours a year in research. It is 99% the same as the fuel used in a Formula One Scuderia Ferrari. That’s a lot of years and a lot of hours and if a F1 racing Titan like Ferrari is saying it’s the coolest fuel ever, it must be true.

In addition, new Shell V-Power Nitro+ has different effect on different engines:

  1. Unleaded: Friction Modification Technology coats the piston and cylinder with a protective film to reduce friction.
  2. Diesel: Formulated for increased cleanliness and protection of fuel injectors in the latest diesel engines.
  3. Unleaded: Designed to help prevent and clean up deposits that can affect performance.

All of the above is proof that V-Power Nitro+ is, quite simply, the best fuel out there.  I’m pretty sure that if you ask any petrolhead out there and tell them these facts, they’ll agree with this statement (even if they’re not a Ferrari or a F1 fan).

To demonstrate the performance of the ultimate in fuel technology. Shell and Ferrari showcased a Ferrari Formula 1 race car at Nasrec (South of Johannesburg) as part of the Shell V-Power Nitro + Festival on the 15th of February this year. Ferrari’s own test driver, Marc Gene was there to show the crowd what exactly he’s capable of. Check out the video below to see the highlights of the event.

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