Mariska Van Eeden


Today’s Daily Babe is a South African one. Mariska Van Eeden is a model from Three Rivers in the Vaal Triangle region of Gauteng. She’s the owner of Exclusive Photography, Exclusive Editing, Plastic Safaries SA and Exclusive Models. She’s also a hair-stylist, beautician and make-up artist by profession. She loves her life with new challenges & goals every day. She’s single and she’s loving it – and she loves her modelling career.

Mariska-Van-Eeden-720x347 Mariska Van Eeden

Yesterday Jessica Burciaga was the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant, feel free to check her out. You might also want to check out the post covering the Top 30 South African Babes on Running Wolf’s Rant in 2011 (which was published recently). Watch this space for daily updates in the Babes category and Photography category here. A new Daily Babe is uploaded every single day. Feel free to check out the Babes in the Featured Babes section as well. Also feel free to comment on or share anything that you find interesting here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.


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  • Mariska Van Eeden

    Thank you

  • candic

    Your profile information regarding Mariska is completely incorrect. She neither owns anything nor qualified for any of the professions you seems to list. She is currently working as a rep selling machinery. The lives of support from her former husband and has three children. The boy was given to his father some years ago and the two little girls, 8 and 10 years of age are in serious danger from being taken by social services. I really would suggest you research your information before listing.

    • I found the information on the FHM website, which is quite reliable, they might have been mistaken 😛