Mass Hysteria Coming to Johannesburg Soon!


Mass-Hysteria Mass Hysteria Coming to Johannesburg Soon!  Residents of Johannesburg and the rest of Gauteng should be cautious! Mass Hysteria is approaching sooner than you think!

Let’s face it folks: Penises and riots, theft and poaching, plots and conspiracies – when you read the papers today, it’s hard to believe that South Africa isn’t being run by a bunch of comedians already. Isn’t it time you voted for a better class of leadership?

If comedy had a government, this would be it: A coloured guy, a Jew, three other white guys, a black lady, a black guy with a smart hat and one with a smart mouth. Well, that’s Mass Hysteria for you folks. Just a note: If you don’t laugh, you die.

Between the 11th and 14 of July 2012 Comedy is going to a next level at the Teatro at Montecasino. The new national leaders of our country will take to the stage and give you something to really cry about. With laughter, that is. Casper De Vries, Nik Rabinowitz, Marc Lottering, Eugene Khoza, Ndumiso Lindi, John Vlismas, Tumi Morake and Mark Banks will share a stage for the first time together. And knowing their conduct, its guaranteed to cause Mass Hysteria.

For four nights only, lovers of comedy are invited to join the biggest, most diverse names in comedy, all in one show for the very first time at Johannesburg’s sexiest theatre. Watch them effortlessly tear the government a new one, poke fun at themselves and come down hard on current events.

With a magnificent Kosie Smit set, and production by whacked: special project, this show promises to be the most beautifully produced  stand-up show of the year and with eight headliners in their own right joining forces to make you laugh so hard, you’ll forget where you are. The shows start at 8 PM in the evening. Tickets range from R160 – R180 and are available via Computicket. Join the Mass Hysteria on the Facebook page or follow @masshysteriaSA for updates.

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