Matt Foley – Motivational Speaker

This funny clip is taken from the well-known American television show Saturday Night Live. The clip features the late Chris Farley (who starred in Black Sheep, Tommy Boy and Airheads) as Matt Foley, a motivational speaker. The clip also features Christian Slater (who has starred in films such as Broken Arrow) and the late Phil Hartman (who lent his voice talents to The Simpsons and starred in News Radio before he was shot in Encino, California in the United States in 1998) and David Spade (who also starred in Black Sheep and Tommy Boy and is famous for his role in Just Shoot Me). This truly is one of the most legendary sketches ever on Saturday Night Live. I’m pretty sure that I don’t need a motivational speaker like Matt Foley to motivate me. The Matt Foley character was created by Bob Odenkirk (a famous comedian, actor, writer, director and producer). Chris Farley died of cardiac arrest in 1997 (at the age of 33).

This is the legendary clip:

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