MTV Spooky the Hamster Advert

It’s hard to believe that there’s less than 3 days left before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa. Hype is really building for the tournament. Some businesses in South Africa are giving their workers time off so they can watch the opening ceremony and the first match between South Africa and Mexico at Soccer City on Friday. The biggest show and sporting event in the world is upon us. I’m sure that I will watch a lot of the matches in the coming month or so and I understand why MTV is broadcasting this TV advert. It’s one of the most original and brilliant adverts I’ve ever seen. For those of you who didn’t know: MTV (also known as Music Television) was started in 1981. The music video for “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles was the first music video ever played on the channel. The channel has grown since then with affiliate channels in most regions of the world. This TV advert features Spooky the neglected hamster who craves pizza and who has a chainsaw. Definately original if you ask me.

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