My 2 Cents on the 5 Gum Experience in Johannesburg

On Friday night I attended the 5 Gum Experience in Johannesburg at a secret location (which turned out to be somewhere under a highway in the Jozi CBD). It was a night filled with awesome vibes, rain, cold and awesome tunes.

We arrived at Oriental Plaza at about 7 PM and waited for the buses that were transporting party goers to the 5 Gum Experience. It was a bit frustrating because it was pouring like it could’ve been the 2nd version of Noah’s flood in the Bible, but eventually we were on our way to the venue. We arrived during Short Straw set and were amazed by an awesome performance. These okes recently won the MK Award for Best Indie and showed just way they won it. Next up were The Stella’s who rocked the semi-drenched Jozi crowd to the max. Eventually it was time for UK Indie Act The Kooks. These boys amazed me with their live performance skills. I was also impressed by how many of the 5,000 strong crowd knew their songs and sang along. The vibe was absolutely amazing. We eventually left the venue around 1 AM and finally got back home to warmth in Pretoria around 3 AM.

To be honest, the transport to and from the secret venue where the 5 Gum Experience was being held could’ve been organized better, but the music, vibe and excellent bar service made up for it. My toes may have felt like they packed fish in Alaska for a month at one stage, but it didn’t matter: I had a good time. Kudos to everyone involved in organizing this event. The 5 Gum Experience was proof that Johannesburg still knows how to party (contrary to popular belief). Here are few photos that I took during the event.

What did you think of the 5 Gum Experience in Johannesburg? Leave a comment and let me know! Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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