My 2 Cents on the Spring Razzle at Village Tavern, Margate


Knights-of-Insanity My 2 Cents on the Spring Razzle at Village Tavern, Margate  On the 31st of August 2013 The Village Tavern hosted a first of its kind music event on the KZN South Coast. A 12 hour, 10 band music-gasm. In the build up to the Spring Razzle I heard various comments regarding the talent on the South Coast and how it would not be up to the standard we are used to seeing when we attend concerts in Durban or if bigger name acts perform on the South Coast. I would respond by telling these people to book a ticket and see for themselves.

And I believe I was correct. The response to the Spring Razzle was even more than I thought it would be. People’s minds were blown, including my own. The talent was incredible. The vibe was foot-tappingly happy and the alcohol was flowing.

One of my favourite things about Tavern is that in everything they do, they do it properly. There were no half measures at Saturday’s Spring Razzle. There were food caravans available for the midnight hunger pangs. There was an extra bar set up and enough staff that there were never any empty glasses (in your hand or on the table) or overflowing ashtrays. The toilets (although busy) were kept clean all night and the extra toilets outside definitely made a difference. The entire event was purely local, which is extraordinary in itself and shows the integrity of Kevin Krummeck as a businessman.

Now onto the important aspect of the day / night.: the talent. Let me tell you, for those people who weren’t there, you missed out. The South Coast is brimming with exceptional musicians. From William Lottering who kicked the day off with some classic rock covers to Hate Speech, headed up by Russell Stroud, who had every metal head at Tavern rocking out on the dance floor. The genre of the day was rock to classic rock, even more rock, and heavy metal and each performer knew exactly what vibe and song was needed to get the crowd going.

The covers of the night included CCR, Four Non Blondes, Chris Rhea, U2, Radiohead, Metallica, Golden Earring, Kings of Leon and more. All the bands were seriously outstanding and whilst the heavier side is not in my usual taste I could appreciate the talent and time that goes into perfecting the rasping voices and high riff guitars.

All the performers of the Spring Razzle seemed to know just how to read the crowd and which songs would get people up, dancing and singing. There was no bad music or bad performance at the Razzle. Yes, everyone has their own personal taste in music but every group knew just what the crowd would appreciate and there was not one performance where the dance floor was empty or there wasn’t a group of people singing along. I was pleasantly surprised by each and every group because although I had no doubt that the talent was going to be great I had no idea just how insane and amazing it would be. Every single group brought their own special something to their performance and every single performance culminated in one incredible event.

I was super impressed by the young band Breaking the Silence. These kids are 15 and are fine musicians. Although they are not yet perfected in their live performance and their nerves were noticeable, the raw potential is there and if this group perform a few more gigs to hone in on the live performance, they are going to make a brilliant name for themselves in the music industry.

irene2 My 2 Cents on the Spring Razzle at Village Tavern, Margate

For me, personally, Irene was the performance of the night. These guys were ridiculously brilliant. Alan’s voice suited every single number they chose which ranged from Creep by Radiohead to Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name. Their version of the Kings of Leon, Sex on Fire was out of this world and may just be better than the original. The crowd absolutely loved Irene and I foresee one bright future for this band.

All in all though, I believe this night was a massive success, not just because of Kevin Krummeck and the Tavern staff or because of the exceptional talent, but because the locals supported the event whole heartedly. The ticket price, at R100.00, was well worth it, and I was proud to see so many people there, smiling, happy and ready to party. The bottom line is, without the support of the locals, an event like this would be held once and never again but because the South Coasters all came out in full force and ready to party, this event will happen again next year, if not sooner and I, personally, cannot wait.

Well done everyone, the South Coast should be proud of itself, its business’s and its talent. I think we may just have an event here that could put us on the map.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE PERFORMERS OF THE NIGHT: William Lottering, Due South, Sound Dogs, Breaking the Silence, Braxton Hix, Knights of Insanity, Irene, Harkin Kings, Hate Speech and The Spiral Path

Special mention must be made to The Village Tavern for hosting the event, Kevin and Donna Krummeck for the idea, all the brilliant Tavern staff for keeping our throats happy (and our wallets empty), and SAB for coming on board to make this event possible.

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