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The South African banking giant, FNB, stopped an advertising campaign after some criticism about it in the media from the ANCYL. FNB uploaded videos on YouTube which were recorded at Naledi High School in Soweto. In one of the videos one of the children say “Stop voting for the same government in hopes for change – instead, change your hopes to a government that has the same hopes as us.” This particular video was removed because FNB employees feared that the child may be the target of malicious entities.

FNB-720x387 Nando's Asks FNB a Question

ANC Youth League spokesperson Khusela Sangoni-Khawe said in a statement “FNB, in an obviously lame attempt to recreate an Arab Spring of some sort in South Africa, uses children to make unproven claims of a ‘government rife with corruption. Business as a whole has more than enough platforms from which to raise any issues with the ANC government, and this they have been doing, there is no basis for such insults and treasonous attacks on our government.”

FNB responded by saying “The allegations of treason are particularly tasteless and we strongly deny that FNB has acted in any manner which gives rise to such malicious allegations”. FNB’s intentions were to provide a platform “through which we believe, as South Africans, we can use the power of help to make a positive difference in building a stronger, unified, values based nation”. It believed the country’s children had an important voice and were critical to the country’s success. “Every interview was unscripted and uncensored. They are very much ‘from the heart’ of each child speaking.”

Is this a call to revolution? Probably not. I’m with FNB on this. What’s wrong with calling out to South African’s to work together? Sometimes I just want to shake my head when I read news reports on South African News sites.

Let me get this straight, we live in a democratic country where you can’t criticize politicians, members of parliament or public officials who have been accused of corruption (like ex ANC Youth League President Julius Malema) ? Well, since I still have the right to freedom of speech (because it hasn’t been taken away by the proposed protection of information bill), my response is:

The ANCYL can go to hell! It’s not a treacherous attack on our country. It just shows you that the youth of this country who are in desperate need of education are well aware of what’s actually going on and it’s scaring them. It’s scaring them because they are part of the sheep who just keep on voting the same corrupt official into office. These videos may call for change, but it’s for positive change. What is wrong with change if it’s for the good of the whole country? South Africans need jobs, basic education, better healthcare and an effective police force and justice system. If all of us work together, we could solve these issues.

To quote Thomas Jefferson “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” There have been hundreds of reports of corruption in the free South African media. If that stops (and not because the media is being censored), then the ANCYL have a leg to stand on. Pity they have to react this way if someone mentions the cold hard facts and their feelings get hurt.

If the ANCYL are going to attempt legal proceedings against FNB, it will be the joke of 2013. Kudos to FNB for giving young South Africans who don’t really have a voice to have their say.

Nando’s just have a way of pouncing onto an issue, faster than some media agencies in this country. If you see the poster below, you’ll see what I mean. Very clever and satirical indeed.

Nandos-FNB-Chicken Nando's Asks FNB a Question

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POST UPDATE: Nando’s were not behind creating this poster, it was a fake poster posted by someone on the internet.

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