Natasha Mealey


Natasha Mealey was born in 1982 in Torquay, England in the United Kingdom. She’s former architecture student who dropped out of her course to become a Page 3 / glamour model. She has appeared topless and modelled lingerie in The Sun, Daily Star and Daily Sport newspapers, She’s also appeared in Nuts, Zoo, FHM, Front and Maxim. Natasha Mealey has been selected as the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 4th of February 2011.

Natasha-Mealey-600x450 Natasha Mealey

Yesterday Emanuela Folliero (from Italy) was the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for updates. The Babes, Events, Facts, Gaming, Humor, Music, Movies, Opinion, Photography, Sport and Television categories are updated constantly. Feedback on posts is appreciated and welcome, so feel free to comment on anything you might have an opinion about.

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