Nelson Mandela Graffiti in Portugal


Today’s Daily Cool Photo was taken by Rafael Marchante. In this photo Nelson Tavares (who is originally from Cape Verde) works on a graffiti of Nelson Mandela (which he painted during festivities in his neighborhood in Lisbon) on the 20th of June 2013. Tavares works at a printing company where he charges the Portuguese minimum wage of 485 Euros. He studied at the school of arts and is now preparing his first exhibition of paintings.

Tavares’ neighborhood is on the outskirts of Lisbon and has a reputation for being contentious. Many organizations wanted to provide it with a face-lift, so they contacted several graffiti artists to work in the neighborhood.  The neighbourhood is mostly populated by Cape Verdean and Angolans, so his graffiti is a tribute to the origins of the neighborhood’s residents.  This is proof that there’s people who have the gift of giving light to difficult environments (just like Nelson Mandela in South Africa). This photo was features on the Reuters Best Photos of the year list for 2013.

Nelson-Mandela-Mural-in-Portugal-600x404 Nelson Mandela Graffiti in Portugal

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