Nelson Mandela Square at Night


On Saturday night I was having a drink at the brand new Hard Rock Cafe Johannesburg in Sandton at Nelson Mandela Square. Because we were sitting outside we had a clear view of the hundreds of people who were queuing up to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela by laying flowers near his statue on the square.

Seeing this made me realize even more how much he meant to the people of South Africa. I also realized that this was history in the making and that I had the unique opportunity to capture this scene with my camera (which I had with me because I had attended Rise & Shine Festival at Sandton Central Park). Today it was announced that Nelson Mandela’s funeral will be held at FNB Stadium in the South of Johannesburg tomorrow. Close to 100 world leaders are flying in from every corner of the globe for funeral.

This is the photo I snapped of the scene I saw in Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton on Saturday night. It has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo onĀ Running Wolf’s RantĀ for today. RIP Tata Madiba.

Nelson-Mandela-Square Nelson Mandela Square at Night

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