New Pixies Music Video released

The music video for “Tenement Song” was released yesterday as the first music video for the Pixies’ upcoming album Head Carrie (which will be released on the 30th of September 2016). The song can be streamed / purchased here.


Taking its influence from the song’s lyrics and Vaughan Oliver’s album artwork, the video was conceived and created by the UK/European-based Krank! Collective, and follows a journey through a squalid tenement block on the brink of demolition.  The Krank! team – Neirin Best, Lianne Pierce and Xavier Burrow – created the video using a variety of handmade and digital animation techniques, including old school light box, painted animation, rotoscoping and digital compositing.

Check out the music video for Tenement Song below:

I have to admit that I’m still getting used to enjoying the Pixies without Kim Deal being part of the band, but this track and music is not bad at all. It reminds me that Alternative Rock is alive and well and that my friends, makes me smile. I’m not posting a photo of my grin though, that’s just plain stupid if you ask me.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Europe in November / December you can catch them live in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK. Sadly there are no Southern Hemisphere dates for their upcoming tour, but we could try making some noise in South Africa, maybe they’ll decide to tour here, one day.

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