Nikki du Plessis


Today’s Daily Babe is Nikki Du Plessis. This established South African model hails from Pretoria and is only 23 years old. She travels to the USA on a regular basis for work and loves to meet new people and work with interesting and creative photographers. She always does her best and she’s very professional in all of her shoots / assignments. She absolutely loves being in front of the camera.

Nikki is an outgoing / friendly person who loves to be around people and believes in living life every day to its fullest. She’s a real water baby and loves watersports and free diving. She was chosen to be the star of the Sea Siren (a reality show that will be filmed in Key West, Florida in the USA by the mermaid hunter).  Her current goal is to reach 3 minutes holding her breath while free diving at a ship wreck between sharks and other sea creatures.

Her other passion is motorcycling. She loves to go on biking trips to the beautiful countryside with my own very trendy and sexy Harley Davidson (accompanied by some awesome friends). She’ll do anything for the people that she loves and absolutely loves her family and friends to bits. She also runs a beauty salon when she’s not in front of the camera. She never knew that she would end up in the entertainment industry, but she has absolutely no regrets.  She was recently featured on the My City By Night website, feel free to check out their interview with her.

Nikki Du Plessis is definitely one of the hottest South African models out there. You can follow her on Twitter via @NikkiduPlessis2. One of her favorite quotes that she tries to live by is from Marilyn Monroe: “Keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep SMILING, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about”. She has already achieved a lot in the modeling industry and you can read more about on her official website. Just check out her photo below, you’ll agree that she belongs in the Daily Babe section today.

Nikki-Du-Plessis-600x799 Nikki du Plessis

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