Noteworthy South African Twitter users in 2010


twitter-logo-300x126 Noteworthy South African Twitter users in 2010  The Social Media Revolution is in full swing. South Africans are becoming more active online. For the first time in history South African Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) are offering uncapped accounts. This is bound to increase time spent online by South Africans who already use the internet. This will increase the amount of South African online users overall (in my opinion). South Africans will be spending more time on social networking websites like Facebook and micro-blogging services like Twitter. Most South Africans Internet users aren’t really worried about Twitter and don’t bother to learn the Twitter Basics. There’s also probably tons of South Africans out there who don’t know which people to follow on Twitter. I’ve decided to write this post in order to highlight some of the most noteworthy South African individuals and websites using Twitter. I hope citizens new to the micro-blogging service and uncapped internet users who are spending more time online will find this useful.

Account Description Website URL
@KoosKombuis Koos Kombuis – SA Musician
@lizetheunicorn South African TV Presenter
@iol Independent Online
@CSG1973 Saffa Living in London None
@DerekRichardson Former 5 FM DJ
@RubyLetters Blogger living in Jhb
@lowercase_v Blogger living in Pta None
@phillipgibb Blogger living in Cape Town
@musicalmover Musical Blogger living in CT
@JackParow Jack Parow – Rapper
@watokal Living in Pretoria None
@rafiq Blogger living in Cape Town
@Arne86 Blogger living in Cape Town
@robynhobson SA Model / Actress
@iGeorge_S Blogger living in Jhb
@ChristoperM CT Blogger and website owner
@LiamLynchPhoto Famous SA Photographer
@News24 News24
@brodiegal SA Journalist living in Jhb
@simonwillo Blogger living in Cape Town
@SezLeigh Blogger living in Jhb
@MelAttree SA Social Media Consultant
@pinkhairgirl Blogger living in Pretoria
@sznq Blogger living in Cape Town
@cynicalgrinch Blogger living in Pretoria
@MariusMR Blogger living in Pretoria
@RoyBlumenthal Blogger living in Jhb
@SirDyl Blogger living in Jhb
@mikestopforth SA Social Media Guru
@LizeU Living in Port Elizabeth None
@DieFokopFeetjie Saffa living in Germany
@JagermusicSA Supporting SA Music
@jbigmac Blogger living in Cape Town
@DieHeuwels Die Heuwels Fantasties
@gregnietsky Living in Jhb None
@cecilia_vdm Living in Pretoria None
@Robi27 Blogger living in Cape Town
@CathrynR Blogger living in Cape Town
@watkykjy Zef SA Website
@AkiAnastasiou Radio Presenter at Radio 702 None
@5FM 5 FM – SA radio station
@TUKSFM1072 TUKS FM – Pta Rock station
@garethcliff 5 FM Breakfast DJ
@leighannmol 5 FM News Presenter None
@JMClassifieds Junk Mail – Classifieds website
@AshtrayElectric Ashtray Electric
@parlotones The Parlotones
@comradesipho SA Columnist / Blogger
@samanthaperry SA Journalist based in Jhb None
@AntiThetical SA Blogger
@Nicholas_Duncan SA Blogger / website owner
@YolandeDup Blogger / Writer based in Pta None
@BecauseI Blogger living in Durban
@GeoffChisnall Blogger living in Cape Town
@Faerie452 South African Actress None
@maggotmouth Developer living in Pretoria None
@DieAntwoord Die Antwoord – Zef Rap Artists
@JHBPRINCESS Blogger based in Jhb
@karinb_za Blogger based in Durban
@2oceansvibe Blogger based in Cape Town
@liliradloff Deputy Editor / Blogger None
@Jacanews Jacaranda FM News
@supercopygurl Blogger / Copywriter in JHB
@simondingle SA Tech journalist
@rudi_cronje Member of Ashtray Electric None
@pixelvulture SA Blog
@bobskinstad Bob Skinstad
@ewnewsupdates Eyewitness News
@nayes1982 Blogger from Port Elizabeth
@pfangirl Blogger from Durban
@SamWilson1 Editor / Blogger from CT
@702land Radio 702
@diekloon Blogger in CT
@bangersandnash Blogger in CT
@tara_lawson Blogger in Cape Town
@mybroadband Tech Website
@techcentral Tech Website

There you have it. A list of reputable South African Twitter users. Hope I didn’t leave anyone important out. If you are South African and active on Twitter daily please comment on this post and provide your Twitter profile link and website link. Feel free to follow @hennokruger on Twitter if you want as well.

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  • Chris M

    Cool list, must have taken some time to compile!
    .-= Chris M´s last blog ..Are we seeing a change in the top 4 stalwarts? =-.

    • Running Wolf

      Chris M: Indeed. Took me nearly 3 hours 🙂 And I need to add a few I forgot still 🙂

      • Nice place to use as a reference 🙂

  • Robert Miller

    Thanks for the list, some really worthwhile people to follow on here – my twitter profile – websites &

  • Peter

    I,m so chaffed with myself,,,theres about 5 or 6 folk on your list
    that I follow!! Yippeee!! & but what, no Coloured folk on your list?,,must we
    have a quota system on twitter? Lol!

  • @shanebain13

    Nice. It would be handy to add their respective areas of interest.

  • AnnekeBoo

    Running Wolf, was it difficult for you to pick only your fav rock bands to recommend as “to follow”? who else are you following?

  • Thanks for this list – always looking for new South Africans to be following – given I am pretty new around here myself and looking to find interesting tweeps

    Other SA’s that I follow & read regularly
    @MarcForrest & @shauntrennery (Durbs) who are founders of @Izimvo – a great blog that does interviews with everyday South Africans. Have learnt a lot from there.
    @Tertia – – Cape Town
    @MomsMatter – – a fellow Aussie who lives here like always and forever (Durbs)
    @AmandaSevasti – – Cape Town
    @comradesipho –
    @verashni – Managing editor M&G online
    .-= Nikki´s last blog ..Come on over =-.

    • Running Wolf

      Nikki: Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

  • tot

    missing @capetown and @capetownmag

  • Nice list
    .-= Jeanette´s last blog ..A corporate shoot for Jacobson Attorneys =-.

  • Gary

    Great list. Nice to see a friend from my school days on there 🙂

    I didn’t see @dailymaverick ( (or am I blind). Its the only place I go for educated and critical analysis of the day’s top news stories.

    Often very funny too, like Zapiro with words.

  • cecilia_vdm

    “Living in Pretoria”? Is dit al exciting ding wat jy oor my kon sê?

    Hehehe, ek spot net. Ek voel geëerd dat jy my op jou lysie gesit het. Eintlik is my tweets maar heel boring meeste van die tyd, maar baie dankie vir die mention.

    Terloops – ek het (uiteindelik!) ‘n blog oop gemaak. Dis nog ‘n work in progress, maar mense kan solank die rubbish wat ek kwyt raak hierso lees:

    Jou beskrywing “Living in Pretoria” gaan nie meer vir lank geldig wees nie – ek het gister kontrak geteken vir eiendom in Johannesburg. So miskien moet jy die beskrywing opdateer na “SKA South Africa engineer and general bitch”. Dit behoort die lesers se nuuskierigheid te prikkel!!

  • Very lekker list of SATweeters Henno. Baie dankie for putting it together.

    Can I ask if there was any science behind it, or simply your perception of those worthy of note to add to your list?
    .-= Greg´s last blog ..Blink Stefanus, what now? =-.

    • Running Wolf

      Greg: No science. Just people that are interesting and quite active on Twitter regular. Suggestions welcome 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention! We are honoured to be included.
    Keep it real.

  • Rob Dickens

    Nice list. I follow most of them 🙂
    I’m @MrDickens

    Here’s some more suggestions:
    @Bonang – Radio & TV presenter, entrepreneur
    @donpackett – Comedian, media
    @BrendanJack – Comedian, media
    @JannieMom – media
    @FraserMcH – Garmin, cycling
    @Shapshak – media
    @ChrisRoperZa – media

    And many more 🙂

  • matt

    Yayness!!! I follow at least half these ppl!!! 😀

  • Hi there!

    I have a blog (for several years now) & I am quite a prolific Twitter-er 🙂

    I also know quite a few people you have mentioned on ‘the list’.
    .-= Hans Haupt´s last blog ..102 Random Facts About Me =-.

  • I also follow @SheBeeGee (Blogger & NerdMag owner in JHB) who is super awesome as well as @ExMi (Blogger in JHB –, two fantastic blogger-type girls 😉
    .-= Justin McCall´s last blog ..justinmccall: Visagie – You are more racist than some politicians. That is all. =-.

    • Mandisa

      U are awesome

  • mspr1nt

    How were the “reputable” users determined, though? I can think of a few you are missing…

    • Running Wolf

      mspr1nt: Just people that seem to be very interesting folks overall on Twitter for me. Feel free to suggest more by commenting on this post. I’m thinking that due to popularity of this post I will probably do a follow up later in the month or early in May 🙂

      • Stuart_Hobbs

        So in other words it’s actually just people you find interesting and are not the most noteworthy SA Tweeters?

        There just seem to be a few random members on the list who don’t actually have anything really noteworthy about them aside from active Twitter accounts. You left out quite a few big names as well.

        Case in point

        @Arne86 Blogger living in Cape Town None <- Great so I follow someone who is a blogger but you can't even point me to a blog?

        @Random Living in X None You have a couple of these. Why would I simply follow someone based on well nothing, how are they noteworthy.

        I know I sound harsh and pedantic, but if you are going to make claims about the social media/networking status of an indivudial at least take put some research into it, and assert how you're rating these people as being note worthy. As I said about this reads like a list of people that you follow that interest you, but may or may not actually be note worthy twitter users in anyway. 3 Hours to do a single blog post that is going to be RT till people are sick of it and you still admit to leaving people off, that sounds like laziness to me.

        Also, no real order makes the list hard to read.

        • Running Wolf

          Stuart: Thanks for your comment. I made up this list completely out of people that I find interesting on Twitter and consider to be noteworthy. I know some bloggers do not have links on their profiles and I have updated some links on the list as I received feedback from persons on the list. One of them asked me to remove their URL. I will write a follow up post with a bit more explanation as to why I’ve included someone on the list.
          And you’re right, I should have at least posted the accounts in alphabetical order. This will also be corrected ASAP.

  • mspr1nt



    Mostly news and sporty type folk…and if you feel so inclined, you can add c’est moi to the list…but wouldn’t advice it…my tweets will offend and lead to an unfollow in the first week…
    .-= mspr1nt´s last blog ..Another CuteXIer =-.

    • mspr1nt

      I mean advise…ffs
      .-= mspr1nt´s last blog ..Another CuteXIer =-.

  • Interesting list, but you did miss a few great folks, they’re all really funny… @dorthoyblack, @liliradloff @SamWilson1, @Tertia @SheBeeGee @ ExMi
    .-= cassey´s last blog ..Catching up =-.

  • caz

    Great list… looking forward to checking some of them out @thecaz

  • Jack Harmon

    wow, lovely…

  • Gary

    I have just remembered good old (not really) Arthur Goldstuck @art2gee (of World Wide Worx). I enjoy (and use) the Tweet Presentations he gives on Internet & technology trends in SA

    Quality stuff Arthur.

  • JoBlogger

    @shebeegee – Jhb blogger and picknpay’s media chick
    @6000 – Cpt blogger – funniest guy on twitter
    @phillipdewet – from Daily Maverick

  • Glugster

    Don’t forget about @angelsmind

    PS. I’m not at all biased in suggesting her. LOL (@glugster)

  • Wogan

    Yup, there’s a couple more you can add:

    @mobimonkey – runs
    @andrevr, photography nut, runs
    @cow_grrrl – web designer, runs
    @robertbravery – blogger, runs
    @mcleodd – Duncan McLeod, guy behind @techcentral
    … and me (@woganmay), because I know things. And people. And things about people >.>

    ~ Wogan

  • Onelargeprawn

    A few locals I follow:

    @RobVanVuuren – funny guy
    @jeanbarker – channel24 editor
    @FurryLuce – a copywriter (and also my wife)
    @10and5 – showcase of SA creatives
    @wezzo – a dev over at 20fourlabs
    .-= Onelargeprawn´s last blog ..Watch the Paint Dance! =-.

  • Amiel

    @AMJZA – I’m in SA.

  • Interesting list. Unfortunately, twitter can at times, become a bit like being at school again. Lists like this constitute the so-called playground cliques “Cool-kids”, “Brus” and “Honey’s”.
    The whole concept of lists on twitter is to group those of like mind (and tweeting content) together and give them a label.
    I was in the “Arty-Farty” group at school. And now as an adult am probably in the “Geeky-Arty-farty-sports-fan” group. And that’s just fine by me.

  • Juan E

    dit was nogal a great idee van jou Henno congrats met die traffic

  • Look, there are a lot of high profile tweeters missing from this list – locals with a high number of followers. But does that make them noteworthy? Sure they’re popular but are they contributing anything meaningful to the local Twittersphere or Blogosphere apart from RL soap opera? Some do; some don’t.

    Looking at the names on the list, I think Henno has gone for a mix of quality and people who write about things that interest him. Not that there’s anything wrong about that – it’s his list.
    .-= Noelle´s last blog ..Girlz ‘N’ Games webcomic #65: Gadget-slut guys! =-.

  • Phillip Gibb

    Awesome man. Thank you very much. My name and my link here in this great blog is flippin cool 🙂
    .-= Phillip Gibb´s last blog ..Adobe Production Premium CS5 =-.

    • Running Wolf

      Phillip Gibb: My pleasure dude 🙂

  • Gina

    I am disappointment I am not including in the list.

    Please add me.

    • Running Wolf

      Gina: Reply to this comment and include your link. I will be doing more lists like this in the future 🙂

  • Thanks a mil for the mention bro! Much appreciated!!
    .-= SirDyl´s last blog ..Ghost Recon – Future Soldier Concept Art =-.

  • well.. @cdake is mine.. frm johannesburg.

    cricket lover, IPL, business development

  • Oh my God, so many people! Where’s my broom?

    • Running Wolf

      Cynicalgrinch: I dunno 🙂

  • Wenchy

    So sad I am not on the list… so sad LOL

    .-= Wenchy´s last blog ..The Power of One named Liam =-.

    • Wenchy: Maybe next time 🙂

      • Wenchy

        maybe??? lol

        NOT PROPER.
        .-= Wenchy´s last blog ..The Power of One named Liam =-.

        • Wenchy: I’m doing weekly lists now, so you’ll be on there soon 🙂

          • Wenchy

            Good save there boet.
            .-= Wenchy´s last blog ..The Power of One named Liam =-.

  • Jules

    it would be great to create a sub list of corporate Twitter profiles for those of us using Twitter for business as well as personal use. Does anyone have any recommended SA corporate follows?
    .-= Jules´s last blog ..jubestweets: Top 50 Twitter profiles in South Africa =-.

    • Jules: Thank you for the comment. It’s not a bad idea. I’ll consider this in the future 🙂

  • AnnekeBoo

    Henno, I think this is still a very awesome list and idea. It is especially handy for new Tweeters: just to get an idea of how to find your way around Twitter within a SA context. 🙂

    • AnnekeBoo: Thank you for the feedback. Please recommend this post to any new Twitter users you may encounter 🙂

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  • So, wanneer kan ek die lys join? Hehehe 🙂

    Lekker lysie, maar die slegte ding is, hy’s reeds outdated… lol, things happen too fast on the interwebs

    • Baas De Beer: Jy is doodreg, ek moet weer ‘n nuwe doen 🙂