Obama inaugurated as the 44th US President


After beating John McCain in the US Presidential Election in 2008, Barack H. Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America on the 20th of January in Washington D.C., in front of crowd of more than 1 million people. To me, it seems that the American people has been fed up with George W. Bush Administration for quite some time and with an approval rating of about 22% (last time I checked) this is surely why they’ve come out in numbers to show their support of the new President.

capitol-building-inauguration-bleachers Obama inaugurated as the 44th US President


This has also resulted in “God-like” worship of him in the media, in the US and rest of the world. The whole message being carried over is that he is going to be our “Savior”. I wonder if this is an attempt by the media to soften us for unpopular things in the near future. Its almost similar to the Moaist, Stalinist and Nazi propaganda of old. There are rumors going about of him wanting to implement some sort of Carbon Tax (which demonizes Carbon Dioxide) and of creating some sort of Domestic Security Force in the US (Sounds a lot like the Nazi Youth Brigade in Nazi Germany). Only time will tell whether Obama is going to bring about real “Change” in the US and the rest of the world or whether his Presidential term is going to be a term filled with empty promises.

This is video footage of the ceremony which was broadcasted on the US Network, C-Span

This is footage of the English Russian TV network, Russia Today, with commentary by Radio Talk Show host Alex Jones.

This is a “Presidential Pledge” by some Hollywood actors, including Demi Moore & Ashton Kusher, an example of the kind of coverage being portrayed in the media.

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