Oracle Paul the ‘Psychic’ Octopus was right


PaulOracleOctopus-300x246 Oracle Paul the 'Psychic' Octopus was right  The 2nd semi-final match was be played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Durban, South Africa yesterday (between Spain and Germany). Germany were the favorites to win the match. On their road to the semi-final they convincingly beat England by 4 goals to 1 in the 2nd round and Argentina by 4 goals to 0 in the quarter finals. Spain were the underdogs. They got off to a rocky start (suffering a shock defeat against Switzerland in the group stages). They did get back on track though, beating Portugal by 1 goal to 0 in the 2nd round and beating Paraguay by 1 goal to 0 in their quarter final match.

You might be wondering what Oracle Paul the ‘Psychic’ Octopus has to do with the FIFA World Cup? Well, Paul the ‘Psychic’ octopus was born in England 2 years ago. He lives in the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. This octopus makes his predictions by choosing between 1 of 2 mussel-baited transparent cubes marked with either the German flag or the national flag of their opponent. The container that Paul chooses first is interpreted to indicate Paul’s prediction for who will win the upcoming game. Paul chose the Spanish flag over the German flag in his prediction before the semi-final match yesterday. He was correct when he predicted that Germany would win their matches against England and Argentina in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

This was the news report about Paul the Octopus on Russia Today:

Turns out that Paul was correct with his prediction for yesterday’s semi-final match as well. Spain have beaten Germany for the first time ever in a FIFA World Cup match to advance into their first ever final match in a FIFA World Cup. It was a very tight match, both sides defended heavily and were not allowed an excess of movement space on the field. The Spanish did get lucky when they scored from a corner in the 73rd minute of the match. The Germans tried their best to get into the match and force extra time but could not break through the Spanish defense. The Spain vs Germany semi-final match was a clean match. Not a single yellow card was shown in the match. I’m sure that there are very disappointed German fans out there. They have reason to be, their team beat some of the best teams in the world to make it into the semi-final stage of the tournament. Germany definately had the toughest road to the semi-finals of the tournament. I’m also sure that there are a few Germans sharpening their carving knives and wanting to turn Paul the psychic octopus into a calamari snack.

One of my FIFA World Cup wishes will be granted on Sunday though. Neither the Netherlands nor Spain have ever won a FIFA World Cup, which means an 8th name will be added to list of FIFA World Cup winning countries. No-one expected Spain to make this far in the tournament. This is proof that this has definately been the FIFA World Cup of upsets.

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