OUTsurance “Bend Over Backwards” TV Advert

OUTSuranceOUTsurance was established in 1998. Since then it has become one of South Africa’s most well-known Insurance brands. OUTsurance has a reputation for giving clients excellent service. At one stage they promised that clients calls would be answered within 60 seconds, but I’m not sure if this promise is still valid. They have more than 400 trained agents ready to take your calls in their call center.

OUTsurance was voted as South Africa’s favourite short-term insurance brand in 2012. They are also responsible for providing pointsmen at various intersections to relieve heavy traffic. One simply can not ignore OUTsurance. They’ve also been known for their memorable and sometimes irritating TV adverts.

Their newest series of adverts predicts their agents “Bending Over Backwards” to provide clients with excellent service. I find the concept quite original. I’m pretty sure that something like this has not been done before. This is not an irritating advert. Check out the advert below if you don’t believe me.

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