Photo Album: Goodnight Wembley and Shadowclub @ Arcade Empire

The Goodnight Wembley Maiden Voyage tour has set sail and I truly feel sorry for you if you missed it! Accompanied by Shadow Club Arcade Empire was the only place to be in Pretoria  on the 24th of August.

Goodnight Wembley have good music but seeing them live takes it to a whole new level! They consist of¬† members from Taxi Violence, 7th Son, Dead Lucky and Yes Sir! Mister Machine and it is clear that all this experience gives them a definite edge. Shadow Club is one of the few bands I’ve seen that can keep me entertained with a chilled show like Park Acoustics and also rock out like the best of them at Arcade Empire. Make sure to grab your tickets fast when Goodnight Wembley hits your town next time!


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Louise Pieterse
Producer at TuksFM, Photographer & Writer for Zeplin Magazine, MK Online contributor, journalism student


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