Photo Album: Jack Parow @ Aandklas Hatfield

On the 6th of September, Jack Parow played his first show ever at Aandklas Hatfield. It was an epic night, filled with great vibes, cheap drinks and great tunes. I have to admit that I did not expect the venue to be so packed, but it was great watching Parow and Loki Rothman doing their thing at my favorite spot in Pretoria. The vibe was truly amazing. It didn’t take the crowd long to sing along to his songs (even the ones off his latest album). Here are some photos that I took on the night:

Jack Parow 01

Jack Parow 02

Jack Parow 03

Jack Parow 04

Jack Parow 05

Jack Parow 06

Jack Parow 07

Jack Parow 08If you’ve enjoyed viewing my photos, check out more of them on the Aandklas Hatfield and

If you’ve enjoyed viewing my photos, check out more of them on the Grind Radio and Aandklas Hatfield pages on Facebook.

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