Phototastic Thursday: Park Acoustics & Nitro Circus Live


It’s time for another edition of Phototastic Thursday. Last weekend was quite a busy one, particularly because it was my birthday weekend. On Friday we partied it up at Aandklas in Hatfield, on Saturday I took the party bus to Nitro Circus Live at FNB stadium and partied it up at Liedjieboer in Midrand on the way there and on Sunday I was at the 2nd edition of Park Acoustics at the Voortrekker Monument.

I have to be honest that I was pretty hung over and tired when we finally boarded the High Five Party Bus to Nitro Circus Live on Saturday. I finally started feeling more alive when I got some grub at Liedjieboer in Midrand (which was our halfway stop for the trip). We finally made it to Nitro Circus Live at around 6 PM on Saturday.

Entering the stadium wasn’t too much of a mission and before we knew it we were watching guys and girls on motorbikes, trikes, BMX bikes and wheelchairs doing amazing stunts. I made a point of not watching ANY YouTube clips or Nitro Circus Live shows, so I was blown away by the amazing things this bunch of crazy folks get up. What made it even more special was the fact that this was the biggest crowd that Nitro Circus Live has pulled at ANY show around the world. The 35,000 people who attended the Johannesburg leg of the show definitely got their money’s worth.

I didn’t take any photos at the event, but my good friend (and excellent photographer) Henry Engelbrecht did, here’s some of his photos. You can follow him on Twitter via @henry_e.

Nitro Circus Live 01

Nitro Circus Live 02

Nitro Circus Live 03

Nitro Circus Live 04

Nitro Circus Live 05

Nitro Circus Live 06

Nitro Circus Live 07

I arrived at Park Acoustics on Sunday around 11 AM and enjoyed the soothing sounds of The George and Janie Bay before being completely blown away by UK based rock band the Vuvu Vultures. I was impressed by they way they were manipulating their instruments and the lead singer’s truly amazing voice. You should definitely check them out if you’re going to RAMFest next week.

The day gained speed with Cape Town rock / folk band Beatenberg (who seem to be attracting more girls to their shows every time I see them performing) and Johannesburg based double MK Award winning Indie act Shorstraw. It was definitely one of the most memorable performances that I’ve seen by them and what made it extra special for the band was the fact that this was the first ever Park Acoustics event that they’ve headlined.

After this it was time for some comedy with Bevan Cullinan, Nicholas Goliath and Gavin Kelly. I have to admit that I haven’t laughed as much at a comedy show in a long time. Bevan Cullinan is one really funny dude and you should really make an effort to check out one of his shows. Don’t miss out on the the next edition of Park Acoustics which is happening on the 30th of March, click here to get more info about the event.

Here are some photos that I took at Park Acoustics on Sunday. There are tons more where this came from on the Henno Kruger Photography page on Facebook.

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 01

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 02

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 03

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 05

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 06

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 07

Park Acoustics 23 Feb 08

Kudos to everyone who was part of my birthday weekend. You guys and girls truly rock and even though I turned 37 I was reminded constantly that I have tons of good friends in this world and one is truly as old as the 25 year old girl that you’re trying to feel up. “Ons maak weer so volgende jaar”.

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