Pripyat, Ukraine


Today’s Daily Cool Photo features Pripyat in the Ukraine. This city which had a population of 50,000 before it was abandoned in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster. The city was founded in 1970 and was the ninth nuclear powered city in the Soviet Union. In 1979 it gained city status.

There are abandoned 13,414 apartments in 160 apartment blocks, 18 abandoned halls of residence that could accommodate up to 7,621 single males or females and 8 abandoned halls of residence that were used by married or de facto couples in Pripyat. There are also 15 abandoned primary schools (which were built for 5,000 children) 5 abandoned secondary schools and 1 abandoned professional school.

Many of the building interiors in Pripyat have been vandalized and ransacked over the years. Because the buildings have not been maintained since 1986, the roofs leak, and in the springtime the rooms are flooded with water. Trees can be seen growing on roofs and even inside the buildings. All this adds to the deterioration process. A natural concern is whether it is safe to visit Pripyat and its surroundings. It’s considered relatively safe to visit and nowadays several Ukrainian companies offer guided tours around the area. Radiation levels have dropped considerably (compared to the fatal levels of April 1986). The photo below looks like it could have been taken inside some game.

Pripyat-Ukraine Pripyat, Ukraine

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