PS4’s selling on eBay: Stranger than Silent Hill


The past week the gaming world was shocked with the news that Konami has cancelled the new Silent Hill game (Being developed by Kojima Productions). As many of you know Konami released a Playable Trailer (P.T) earlier in the year. The “Demo” (as I like to call it) was absolutely stunning. It had me jumping out of my skin on more than one occasion, and was a technical masterpiece with regards to the immersion and the tone it set. A true Horror movie experience.

PT-600x402 PS4’s selling on eBay: Stranger than Silent Hill

The P.T was removed from The Playstation Store yesterday which created a scenario that I still find hard to believe…

PS4 owners took to eBay to sell their consoles (with the installed P.T demo) for ridiculous amounts. One seller is reportedly asking $10 009 (R118 476.53) for the console. You have to admit that the entrepreneurship displayed by these sellers is top notch – Already tagging the P.T demo as “Rare” – But does it warrant spending that amount of money on a console that costs roughly around R6000 with a “Demo” installed that was up until yesterday absolutely free and readily available? I think not.

PT2-600x338 PS4’s selling on eBay: Stranger than Silent Hill

You would have to be crazier than The Joker and richer than Bruce Wayne to drop that amount of money for essentially a “Rare” demo.

I personally still have the P.T installed on my PS4. Any Bruce Wayne/ Joker hybrids out there willing to buy it at a discounted price of only R30 000.

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