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R2-D2 Music Video Released


Johannesburg Indie fuzz band BOXER has had a busy 2016 thus far. Since the release of their self-titled EP in April, they have worked with a number of close friends and established creatives in the Johannesburg scene to tour the album and create exciting content.

I saw these okes at Mielepop 2016 and I enjoyed their set. BOXER recently collaborated with local film and design experts Thomas James Revington (Cinematography), Fausto Becatti (Director) and Lenny-Dee Doucha (Art) to create a high quality music video for their first single – R2-D2. The result is a visually exciting video, with casual Star Wars references dedicated to the truest of Star Wars fans.

The video represents a passion project for all involved; “We were super lucky to be able to work with these guys, the project was so much fun and in the end there’s just so much talent to feed off” say BOXER “There really aren’t enough thank you’s to go around, but to Tom and Fausto, they just blew our minds with this whole thing”.

I have to admit that the result was totally amazing. It’s a off-beat, beautifully shot masterpiece. Check out the R2-D2 video below and you’ll agree:

BOXER completed the filming and release the music video against the backdrop of a coastal tour, while joining the bill on Fokofpolisiekar’s penultimate show before taking the stage at Oppikoppi 22 (Saturday the 6th of August at 2 PM, main stage) Completing their highveld August with their own DANK event, featuring Go Barefoot, The Sisters as well as a very well established surprise act, that every local music fan will know and love.

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