Random Funnies – Part 1

Today is Monday, the most dreaded and hated day of the week for most of you reading this post. Well, to put you in a bit of a better mood, I’ve decided to start this new section entitled Random Funnies on Running Wolf’s Rant. Once in a while I’ll be posting some funny pictures that I found on the Internet and my Social Networks (like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). I hope these photos brighten up your Monday.

I Moustache So Human...
Snitch Quiddich Practice
Why Your Daughter Should Study Be Yourself
Six Afraid of Seven Accordion Hero

So, which picture was the funniest for you? Comment on this post and let me know. Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor Category on Running Wolf’s Rant. Feel free to share this post with your friends if you’ve had a good laugh.

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  • Tamarin McLaren

    Thanks, baie funny! Ek het klomp, jy kan by my source…. 😉

  • Francois

    Sien uit vir nog!