Ras Dumisani messes up South African Anthem


Ras_dumisani_mainimageRas Dumisani was born in Kwazulu Natal Province in South Africa. He’s a reggae artist by profession, but maybe he should consider changing careers. There has been a media frenzy in South Africa about Ras Dumisani who performed the South African National Anthem before the rugby match between South Africa and France on Friday night in Toulouse, France. Every South African probably felt appalled when they heard this or was at least covering their ears. I only found out about the worst portrayal of the South African National Anthem in history this morning. I did watch the match between South Africa and France on Friday but missed the National Anthems because I arrived too late at the local pub. Thank goodness I didn’t hear this on Friday night before the game, because it would have spoiled my cheery mood. A Facebook group named Ban Ras Dumisani From ever Singing again was started over the weekend and has grown to over 1000 fans in the past day. Clearly Springbok fans were not happy about this. In a radio interview on local station Radio 702 Ras Dumisani claimed that the organizers were to blame saying “They gave me a very old cordless microphone and then they gave me a very old monitor to put around my waist and in my ear. I found it was distorting.” A poor excuse in my opinion. It has also come to light today that the South African flag was hung upside down during the anthems (almost strengthening Dumisani’s argument of poor organization).

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  • Oliver

    He had a another shot at the anthem this morning on Cape Talk.. http://www.capetalk.co.za/pages/shows/aden.asp

    • Running Wolf

      Oliver: Thank you for your comment. Will have a listen.

  • I am in such shock over this. Heard about it last night from a friend and then saw the news release this morning.To add insult to injury, they hang our Flag upside down at the event??

    I am a Rugby Fan and Proudly South African, Just leave me alone with this asswipe for two minutes.. I will teach him an anthem or two.

    #asshole #f@cknut

    • Running Wolf

      Briget: Maybe they should ask Johnny Clegg to do this the next time they’re in France. At least he won’t mess up the National Anthem