The Rhino Who Survived A Dehorning


South Africa has lost more than 400 rhino in 2011 to illegal poaching incidents. The demand for Rhino horn is fuelled by a wealthy Asian middle and upper class and used overwhelmingly as medication. Rhino horn is now worth more than gold on the international market. The rhino poaching in South Africa sickens me. It’s cruel. No doubt about that. I’m glad that there has been such a large public outcry against this in South Africa (and other countries around the world). I hope the next person who tries to kill a rhino in SA gets stabbed in the torso.

Brent Stirton (a Getty Images photographer working for National Geographic magazine) from South Africa won the first prize in the Nature Stories category for the “Rhino Wars” series in the 2012 World Press Photo Contest. His photo shows a female rhino in the Tugela Private Game Reserve (near Colenso in Kwazulu Natal). The photo was taken on the 9th of November 2010. Four months before that day this female rhino survived a brutal dehorning by poachers who used a chainsaw to remove her horns and a large section of bone in that area of her skull. Since the she joined up with a male bull (who now accompanies her). For those of you who did not know 5247 Photographers (from 124 countries) submitted over 100,000 photos for the 2012 World Press Photo Contest. 350 photos by 57 photographers (from 24 countries) were awarded prizes in 9 categories. This photo by Brent Stirton of the female rhino who survived the dehorning has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 18th of February 2012.

Dehorned-Rhino-Photo-720x480 The Rhino Who Survived A Dehorning

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  • Briac Rita

    The all world wonders why you let these massacres continuing !!!

  • Briac Rita

    You know that this species is endangered and what do you do to prevent this ?

  • Briac Rita

    Do you expect that we will approve this ?