Rolo Elephant Advert


ROLO Rolo Elephant Advert  Rolo is a brand of truncated-cone-shaped chocolates with a caramel centre. These delicious chocolates were first made in 1937 by Mackintosh (who later became Rowntree-Mackintosh) in the United Kingdom. Rolo is now made by Nestlé (who took over Rowntree out a few years ago). Rolo is made by Hershey in the United States. It’s very popular in South Africa. When I was still in school the guys used to attempt to charm the girls by asking “Do you want my last Rolo?” (a slogan which has been used to advertise them). Rolo is definately one of my favorites (and the Rolo ice cream is also quite tasty). This 1990s TV advert for Rolo featuring a young boy and an elephant has been selected to be featured in the TV adverts section of the Television category on Running Wolf’s Rant today. Watch this space for regular updates in this category as well as the Movies and Movies categories.


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  • J.R. McQuaid

    I still enjoy a pack of Rolo’s here and there. They go great with my coffee!