SA Music Zone Blog Launched


SA-Music-Zone-300x169 SA Music Zone Blog Launched  So, you’ve been browsing the SA Music section on Running Wolf’s Rant and you’re craving more content, but something that is dedicated to the SA Music scene in general and not riddled with Babes and Technology posts in between. Well, SA Music Zone might just be the place for you. The blog was launched last week Friday and there’s so much that can be done with it. As one of the founding members of this blog I’m full of hope for this new project. A lot of willing contributors have come on board and have promised to make this one of the exciting blogs in the South African blogosphere.

So what is all about? Well, basically its a work in progress at the moment. There are many sites and blogs that are publishing content about the SA Music scene, but there isn’t a site that covers all of it. I got the idea for SA Music Zone whilst having one of my late night cigarettes a few weeks ago. Because of the amount of SA Music content being published by your’s truly and others online I thought that it would be an excellent idea to have a blog which could feature the combined efforts of some of South Africa’s best bloggers, photographers, reviewers and other passionate SA Music fanatics. SA Music Zone’s tagline is “For All Things SA Music”. The aim of the blog is to reflect a broad view of the SA Music industry in general. Therefor it would be an honor to feature videos / photos/ stories submitted by SA Music fans from all over – in other words, the more people get involved, the better. There really is a lot of creativity and humor floating around in the SA Music scene. Diverse content will ensure that SA Music Zone isn’t dull or monotonous. The sky is the limit basically.

The SA Music scene has been buzzing for the past few years and attendance figures at festivals like Oppikoppi and RAMFest have gone up over the last few years. The industry is growing. More and more bands and artists are popping up all over the country. It’s hard to believe that this industry was virtually non-existent before the SA Music Revolution (which started in the mid 1990s).

Because I’m extremely passionate about SA Music, I decided that it was my duty to inform all my loyal readers about this new project. Check out the blog at If you feel the urge to get involved in any way, contact details are provided at the bottom of the right sidebar of the blog. Feel free to comment on this post if you have an opinion. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.


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