Sizzling Hot Olga Farmaki Gallery


Olga Farmaki is  one of top models from Greece. She has been one of the most active Playboy models (for the Southern European versions of the magazine) in the past few years. According to the Gunaxin website  she has also been a co-host of some of the most popular television shows in Greece and she’s tried her vocal skills in a sleazy collaboration with one of the worst Greek rappers in history. If you ask me Greek rappers couldn’t possibly be worse than Lil Wayne, but what do I know? I don’t live in Greece. In her spare time she also enjoys giving people training tips for a sexier body and she makes sure to do so in the most pleasant and seductive way. If all trainers were as sexy as her, I would probably sign up for a gym membership.

Rumor has it that she’s stopped modelling (hopefully temporarily) after her boyfriend popped her the question – the reason why she is not as active as usual at the moment. Active model or not, Olga Farmaki is still one of the hottest Greek girls that I’ve laid my eyes on and for this reason she has been selected as the Featured Babe for today on Running Wolf’s Rant.  Check out her sizzling hot photos below and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Olga Farmaki 01

Olga Farmaki 02

Olga Farmaki 03

Olga Farmaki 04

Olga Farmaki 05

Olga Farmaki 06

Olga Farmaki 07

Olga Farmaki 08

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