Social Media Revolution

Today I attended a Facebook event at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg hosted by Habari Media. It was really interesting and insightful to hear what 2 employees (Mark Cowan and Blake Chandlee) of the world’s biggest Social Networking website had to say. There are still companies and individuals that ignore Social Media. In my opinion, in this day and age it’s ridiculous to have such an attitude. Since the arrival of the Internet the world has gotten smaller and smaller, a true global village. Social Media will continue to grow and nothing will stop its growth. Well, if the internet dies tomorrow, then it might.

The following video (made by Socialnomics) was shown at this presentation. I thought that my readers would find this interesting if I posted on your blog.

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  • Phillip Gibb

    Just the post that answers some questions a few people have been asking me. Strange that people have not bought into the concepts of Social Media. Maybe some people just get it and other don’t – like art or maths.
    Still there is too much opportunity and potential in Social Media for people to ignore. Unlesss, well, I can’t say that.

    • Running Wolf

      Phillip: Thanks for the comment. I agree. There are 3 kinds of Social Media Users: Lurkers (people who are introduced by Experimenters), Experimenters and Super Users (Geeks like me) 😛

  • Rooikappie

    This video was presented to our board of Directors on Monday to make them aware of the power of the Internet. They are all 50yrs and above. They found the video very informative and shocking. They have now realized that we need another venue of marketing, other than just printed media.

    • Running Wolf

      Rooikappie: Interesting 🙂 Thank you for the comment 🙂