Some Oppikoppi Advice for Geeks from Sheldon Cooper


Since Geeks are now ruling the world, there are lot more of us around nowadays and there’s bound to be tons of us at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing this year. Many festival goers will be Tweeting and Facebooking on their mobile phones when they’re attending the festival, sharing their experience with their online friends, trying to reach folks that they haven’t met via Social Media yet or bragging about being at the festival to folks who can’t be there.

Let’s face it, Facebook and Twitter have become part of our daily lives. Social Media isn’t just a fad, it’s part of the fabric of modern society. So brace yourself for plenty of Oppikoppi Tweets and Facebook updates on the weekend of the festival. Many of my regular readers who will be attending the festival will probably be trying to meet up with me for a drink or fifteen, and I don’t blame you at all. If you’re thinking of doing just that, you will be able to reach me easily on Twitter via @hennokruger on the weekend of the festival.

Many of you reading this blog are probably familiar with Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. He needs no introduction. This year Sheldon has decided to get onto the Oppikoppi bandwagon and he has some excellent advice for Geeks going to Oppikoppi Sweet Thing….

Sheldon-Cooper-Oppikoppi-Meme Some Oppikoppi Advice for Geeks from Sheldon Cooper

Well, that sounds easy enough don’t you think? I’m just wondering if the geeks who read this post will remember this when they are enjoying their daily dose of alcoholic beverages at the festival. If I hear “Bazinga” in the top bar this year I will suspect that you’ve seen this post and I will feel compelled to join you for a shot or two.

Drop me a comment and tell if you find this advice from Sheldon Cooper quite useful. I’d love to hear your opinion about it. If you feel like spreading the word about this, feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, maybe they’ll embrace their inner geek this year too…

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  • ‘Social Media isn’t just a fad, it’s part of the fabric of modern society.’ SO true!!!