Something for the ladies: Mind The V


There are plenty of Babes on Running Wolf’s Rant, but not all of the ladies reading this blog want to see them. Henno Kruger told us that we should write it if we want it on here, because he’s not willing to do it (and he doesn’t look at other dudes). So we thought to ourselves: “Challenge Accepted”.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs for single moms, married moms, working single moms who love doing-it-themselves (DIY). Blogs for women who are getting married, women who are getting divorced, women of God, women of anything but God. There are blog posts for women who blog, for women who hate blogging, famous women, women who are happy, women who hate everyone and everything, and for women who read and believe just about anything because they don’t know what the fuck they want in life.

In the same breath, there are millions of blog posts about bikini babes, boobs and “minding the gap” for the guys to look at. What about us women who just want some “guilt free”, no strings attached, drooling time over a six pack and a fantasy man on her screen in order to escape from the reality of your husband’s morning fart, or your boyfriends weird habit of smelling his bellybutton fuzz while having his morning coffee? (Yes these are true stories).

Men get to look anywhere, anytime (with anything) while we have to settle for the same old Christmas calendar featuring men in Christmas suits or dancing topless to Jingle bells sent via e-mail to us since 1999. Equality we want! It’s hard to find a site to check out some eye candy without stumbling onto the big red XXX incriminating, if-they-catch-you-you-are-fired-for-sure website situations! Or… some naked long haired Fabio guy doing some random back bend move in his shower with his loofah that will make any woman cringe! (Once again, a true story).

Can Google help? – Yes… eventually, after you paid stupid amounts of monthly fees, had to make up a (fake) profile of your naked self – attracting everything except a hot guy, and got some dodge viruses – challenge accepted means… we had to do some research – all for just one moment of picture bliss?

So to all our bitches out there, here is something for you, enjoy every moment – make time wherever you are to sit back, watch your screen, scroll down slowly and appreciate the hotness that the male species can be…guilt free. Whatever rocks your boat at this moment – it is YOUR moment and YOUR eye candy to ENJOY however, whenever, whichever way you see fit. This is the circle of trust: the first edition of Mind The V on Running Wolf’s Rant.

This is a V 01

This is a V 02

This is a V 03

This is a V 04


This is a V 06

Watch this space for updates. Whether the Hunks category will continue on Running Wolf’s Rant remains to be seen. If this doesn’t work, it’s been nice expressing ourselves to you all.

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  • After a read of your article,and the obligatory quick scan over your little V pics (which btw, is not the same as V pics when in a post featuring ladies), I have just 3 things to say:
    1. Well done on taking matters into your own hands, i suppose that’s what you did while putting this together.
    2. You should learn how to google, haha. It’s a quick search away (I’m sure. Haven’t tried)
    3. Thank you for recognizing that facial hair is awesome. No please convince more of your ladyfriends that beards and moustaches are the way to go.

  • The Two Bitches

    Facial hair for the win! We will continue to love, support and propagate the beard and mustache. If the ladies like this enough, we might get to do a mustache post in the near future.

  • Malise

    All I can say is THANK GOD FOR 2 BITCHES LIKE YOU!!! *Drool* My life has just become less complicated, even if just for this moment. 😉

  • The Two Bitches

    Thanks Malise! THANK THE LORD FOR LIKE MINDED PEOPLE (LIKE YOU) ! Glad you had your eye candy needs met today! We aim to please!! xx