Stunning Fennec (Desert Fox) Photo


The Fennec (or desert fox) is found in the Northern part of the Sahara Desert in Africa.  It has unusually large ears (which serve to dissipate heat). Families of fennecs dig out dens in sand for habitation and protection (which can be as large as 120 square meters). Fennecs are omnivors. Food sources include plants, rodents, insects, birds, eggs and rabbits.

According to photographer Francisco Mingorance “the Fennec are a surprisingly easy to domesticate animal species, which easily gets used to living with humans. However, it is considered a rare and therefore having them as a pet is illegal in many areas of its range. The Fennec are the soul of the desert, wild and free souls whose main threat is the illegal trafficking by unscrupulous thugs who do not hesitate in the least to snatch the life from the majestic dunes to change by the cold bars of a cage prison.”  This photo was taken in Morocco and has been entered into the National Geographic Photo contest for 2013. It has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 1st of December 2013.

Fennec-Desert-Fox-600x399 Stunning Fennec (Desert Fox) Photo

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