Tamsyn Maker


Today’s Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant is 23 year old Tamsyn Maker from Cape Town, South Africa. She was born and raised in the Mother City and is currently residing there as well. She grew up being a very sporty and active person. When Tamsyn was younger she played loads of sports from netball and team swimming to soccer. She began dancing when she was 8 years old. At primary school, there was a dance group that rehearsed at her school every interval and she spent most of her lunch breaks just sitting outside the school hall and just watching them dance. Dance soon became a part of her life. She loves music and all types, and she’s always open to new music, so her favourites change often. She started modern dancing at school and soon fell in love.

She started modelling when she was in high school. She did some adverts, ramp work and catalogues for local and International markets. During the same time she joined a dance company called Africa Ablaze for a couple of years. They taught Tamsyn most of her dancing. With them, Tamsyn is also participating in theatre and productions involving all types of dance from African jazz to hip hop. She later travelled to Malaysia with a dance crew to represent South Africa. After high school she studied business management. In August 2009, Tamsyn joined South Africa girl group La vuvuzela and became one of the dancers for the group.

Tamsyn-Maker-600x400 Tamsyn Maker

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