Top 10 Places to Visit

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”Augustine Hippo

Here is a look at the places that have awakened my soul upon its journey around the globe…


BEST RELAXATION: Stellenbosch, South Africa. Sipping on a glass of fine wine, in the company of vineyards and majestic mountains. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST CHARACTERS: Bo-Kaap, South Africa. A stone’s throw away from the Cape Town CBD, meet everyone from the street beggar to the Cape Malay sheik… Amazing stories from Apartheid days to now. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST SUNSETS: Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. A forgotten treasure in a lost paradise, she holds on to your memory forever. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets

New Zealand_SMEETS

BEST VIEWS: Auckland, New Zealand. Not only was New Zealand the setting for hobbits, but also one of the friendliest countries. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST NIGHT-LIFE: Berlin, Germany. This city is best sung by its most famous musician Peter Fox, it has everything to offer from art to fashion to gay bars to a history so profound in her architecture. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST PARTIES: Munich, Germany. Best known for its über-amazing Oktoberfest, a must-see happens to be Christopher Street Day, Germany’s fascinating gay pride, with the tallest transvestites in the world. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST DECOR: Salzburg, Austria. Yes, the hills are best known for their “Sound of Music,” but it’s a must-see at Easter. Austrians have the most creative imaginations when it comes to decorating random things, like eggs. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST VIBE: Brussels, Belgium. Okay, so it’s not the prettiest city by day, but watch it come alive at night, especially during Christmas. The streets light up like a Smurf-wonderland. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST HIDDEN TREASURES: Aarhus, Denmark. It’s a little remote city on the mainland, but it has unbelievable coffee-shops, shopping and cathedrals. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets


BEST ENTERTAINMENT: Barcelona, Spain. Las Ramblas is the street to be, filled with colourful mimes, the best Paella and tourists from all over the world. PHOTO: Vanessa Smeets

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