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Cunnilingus 101 for guys

So when Henno suggested I write a little something for his blog, I was super stoked! I’ve been itching to start blogging myself but haven’t really gotten around to it. So, I decided to

20 random funnies to kick-start your week

It’s time for another bunch of random funnies to kick-start your week on Running Wolf’s Rant. Today’s batch is guaranteed to turn your frown upside down and put you in a good mood. I trust

Why Foxes and Rabbits Can’t Be Friends

So, the other night while innocently getting incoherently (big word) drunk at Aandklas I bumped into my partner in misdemeanor, Adeline. We hung out, talked shit and continued getting drunk and losing all ambitions.

100 days of trying to motivate myself and you

If I have to be perfectly honest writing, for the most part, has always been hard for me. On occasion ideas and creativity just come flooding through and I have an easy time of

Intro to Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s Horrible Advice Column

A week or so ago, while in my unstable emotional condition, I had a chat with my good old friend Gary. Long story short, we’re starting a band. Well not really, both of us

Newsflash: The Kids Aren’t Alright

When I was young I thought I was a dinosaur. I would walk around with my arms tucked in with just my index and middle fingers pointing out like a T-Rex. I would walk
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