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South Africa’s Shift Into Mobile Technology

In 2013, Communications Minister Yunus Carrim boldly vowed to do what others before him had not been able to accomplish in their terms: to increase the penetration of the internet in the continent, and

My 2 Cents on the ongoing Oscar Pistorius trial

So, the Oscar Pistorius trial has resumed today and everyone on Facebook and Twitter is trying to be legal experts or voice their opinions. Sheople are watching the trial on DSTV or via online

Kenyan Sunset

Kenya is definitely one of the African countries that I want to visit one day. This country gained independence from the UK in 1963 and became a republic in 1964. More than 44 million

Stunning Fennec (Desert Fox) Photo

The Fennec (or desert fox) is found in the Northern part of the Sahara Desert in Africa.  It has unusually large ears (which serve to dissipate heat). Families of fennecs dig out dens in sand for habitation and

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei is located in the Southern part of the Namib desert in Namibia. It’s  is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes and is located within the boundaries of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. This area is characterized by

Khartoum Skyline

Khartoum is the capital and largest city of Sudan (in North Africa). Khartoum was established 24 km North of the ancient city of Soba in 1821 by Ibrahim Pasha (the son of Egypt’s ruler
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